FAQ about our event

Here are answers to the burning questions we’ve received on social media/via our newsletters.

When will your tickets go on sale?
We will place a link to ticket sales in our newsletter on Monday 3rd October. We’ll let you know what time we expect the newsletter to drop via our Twitter/Facebook pages, so please engage with us on those channels.

How many tickets are there?

Why so few tickets? 
TED Rules we’re afraid. As a new event (this is year two) we are limited to 100 tickets until our license holder attends a certified TEDx organiser workshop (which are only accessible at official TED Conferences).

Fear not though friends, we are on the case. Our license holder, Kimberley Owen, will attend TEDWomen this October in San Francisco, which means next year – when we reapply for the license – we’ll be eligible to sell more tickets. Hurrah.

For this year though we can only sell 100.

How much will the tickets be?
They’ll be £60.

Why so steep?
Last year’s event was £55 (plus booking fee) and as a volunteer organisation we have to cover our overheads. With 14 speakers and 3 performances we feel that this price really is a bargain.

Before you say it – we’re not being greedy. Our venue costs, food & drink, production, filming, guest entertainment are all costs that mount up. The ticket price we release only covers certain elements of the overall event cost.

We have to rely on sponsors to ensure we put on the best event possible. So BIG thanks to our sponsors for your kindness and generosity. You’ll hear more from these businesses in coming newsletters.

How can I help?
TEDx events are about community. If you’d like to volunteer, provide food & drink or items for our goodie bags, or even sponsor us, please get in touch via info@tedleamingtonspa.com