A word from our sponsors…

Like all TEDx events, we’re hugely reliant on the support of our partners. Without their financial and practical help we simply wouldn’t be able to put on our event!

So we thought we’d ask them to share their favourite TED Talk and their reasons for getting involved this year. Here’s what a few of them had to say…

Phil Sanger, Vault IP

My favourite has to be: ‘What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness’. This talk describes a 75-year long study into human happiness, which produced some surprising and simple results!

We came to last year’s TEDxLeamingtonSpa. It was a most inspiring and thought-provoking event, with some very interesting and often quite emotional talks. It occurred to me that sharing stories and ideas is one of the most powerful tools we have to keep our society together in today’s world.

Sally Arkley MBE, Women’s Economy

Sue Austin’s ‘Deep Sea Diving In A Wheelchair’ on freedom, liberation and overcoming the perception of others is something that affects so many of the individuals and businesses we work with at CWRT and the Women’s Economy.

We see our job as supporting people to tear up that rulebook and then write their own. The TEDx vision is very much our vision, and that is why we are pleased and proud to sponsor TEDXLeamingtonSpa 2016.

Lyn Bromley, First Impressions Training

My favourite Ted Talk is undoubtedly the Amy Cuddy talk. It shows how our body language can impact on our own levels of confidence. Since adopting this in our workshops and 1:1 coaching, we’ve seen a significant shift in the people we work with.

We’re thrilled to be involved as a sponsor with this year’s TEDxLeamingtonSpa. We’d also like to apply to speak next year and we know it will be so beneficial to get involved this time to absorb, learn and be inspired by the speakers.

Elinor Perry, Pentlands

I love Simon Sinek: ‘How great leaders inspire action’.

TED.com is a huge source of inspiration; I regularly watch them myself and share links of talks with clients. Running a business is a source of highs and lows and listening to focused sound bites on different subjects is just brilliant.

Alan Heap, Purple Monster

Without question my absolute favourite TED Talk is ‘Are schools killing creativity?’ by Sir Ken Robinson. It’s witty and eloquently argued, and contains sublime storytelling. I never tire of watching it and it inspired me to write and present my own talk at TEDxLeamingtonSpa.

I’ve remained involved because of TED’s simple premise of spreading good ideas. I live in Leamington, Purple Monster is based in Leamington and this year an idea might start here and spread around the world. I do hope so.

Geraldine Jones, Every Word Counts

My top TED Talk is ‘What makes a word “real”?’ by language historian Anne Curzan. In it, she gives a charming look at who actually decides which words make it into the dictionary.

After being wowed by the inaugural event last year, I decided to get involved as both a sponsor and member of the volunteer committee because I wanted to do my bit to help spread the word – and ideas – even further this year.