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'Inspiring through imperfection'

WLB - Weight Loss Bitch - is a feisty blogger, mind coach and social media commentator who shares her incredibly frank account of being a “35-year-old super morbidly obese woman” on a health and fitness driven journey to lose over 32 stone. “The trials and tribulations of a very fat woman in an image-led society can be funny, frustrating and, at times, mortifying. The day that I'm called a 'bitch' rather than a 'fat bitch' is the day I know I've hit my target!” With tens of thousands of ‘likes’ on Facebook and a social media fan-base growing daily, WLB started her venture in 2013, weighing 43st 5½lbs.

Armed with sheer will and determination as well as funny stories, honest confessions and cruel anecdotes, WLB aims to inspire through imperfection – showing others than it is never too late to be healthy.

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