Join Our Team

Creating a TEDx event is hard work – we’re not going to lie! We have no problem finding volunteers for the fortnight in the run up to our event and even for our event day, however getting our core planning team right is essential to making our event a success. Last year we had a core team of ten and a total team of 21 for our event day.

This year, we’re ambitious about doubling our ticket numbers, evolving our event within our community with a number of fringe events (to keep the TEDx spirit going) and expanding our on and offline audience. To achieve all this we need a powerful core team.

The commitment for the core team can range from a few hours a week (for meetings and completing tasks) to around a day a week (for more involved roles). We know this sounds scary but if you’ve ever watched TED Talks and been to an event you’ll understand the buzz you get from being part of a team that’s created something so powerful in their community. While it is unpaid work, the association with the TED brand brings its own rewards and many of our past volunteers have enjoyed direct business benefits from being involved.

If you’re interested in applying for any of the roles below please and indicate what you’re interested in applying for in the email subject header. We’d love to hear why you’d be suitable for the role and what you could bring to our team.

Co-organiser (filled)

We’re looking for someone with a flair for project management, leadership and someone who isn’t afraid of a budget sheet. This role will be collaborative with our lead organiser and provides the opportunity to really steer the team and be a linchpin in the organisation of our event.

Time commitment: a day a week (you can commit more if you love the role, trust us).

Curation team

We already have a few volunteers in this team but are keen to add a new team member or two into the fold to help us widen our reach across the community. Different perspectives on the curation team will help us to create the right mix of speakers, whilst providing the speakers with a range of coaches in the lead up to their talk.

Time commitment: a few hours per week.

Event manager (filled)

Day-to-day logistics are really important to ensure that our event runs as smooth as possible. We’re looking for someone to be responsible for liaising with our venue, organising our catering, be in charge of ticketing and registration for our event, and the general management of everything outside of the main stage, e.g. activities, merchandise ordering, food and drink, co-ordinating our after party.

You’ll work closely with fellow volunteers on guest experience and have volunteers to help co-ordinate day-to-day activities.

Time commitment: a day a week (spread throughout)

Sponsorship Manager (filled) 

Our ticket sales only go some way to covering our venue and catering costs, so in order to put on a great event we need local businesses to lend a hand. This team member is responsible for raising money from sponsors for event expenses, and working with the event co-organiser to manage the event’s finances. Someone with experience of fundraising and development would certainly be welcomed with open arms.

Time commitment: 5 hours per week

Communications & Marketing Manager (filled)

We want to enhance our reputation within our community and beyond, so this team member will be integral in helping us to achieve those ambitions. Online and offline comms is important – do you have a strong social media background? Are you an event promotor? Experienced in generating hits /likes? We already have a strong copywriter and content creators, so you’ll have support too.