What ‘home’ means to us

Ask ten people what ‘home’ means to them and you’ll get ten different answers.

That’s because for some of us it’s a particular place, maybe where we live now or where we grew up. For others it’s less tangible – more of a sense of belonging.

So we thought we’d ask members of the team behind TEDxLeamingtonSpa for their thoughts. Here are some of their answers…

“This is my home. It’s home for me and for my family but also for a lifetime of personal mementos and treasured possessions that trigger precious memories of a life thoroughly enjoyed.  It is our house but it will always be home to my children, even if they are living away.  It’s a place of safety and comfort, peace and quiet. It’s my retreat. Home means family, friends, the love of a dog and being surrounded by special things. It’s the place I like to be most in the world.” (Paul)

“Home is wherever gives a conversation appropriate context. I am – at any and at all times – a Northerner, a Scunny lad, a Crowle man, a Leamingtonian, a Brit, a European and an Earthling.” (Craig)

“Home to me is my house. I bought it just before my daughter was born – she doesn’t know anywhere else. It’s where I live and work. It’s the place where I feel completely relaxed as soon as I walk through the door. It’s where I sleep peacefully, laugh heartily, make nutritious meals, connect with my besties, nurture my family and watch movies in a snuffly blanket with the fire blazing and warming cocoa or a glass of wine. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful home and I’m grateful every day to live here.” (Minnie)

“Home for me is where I grew up / Where the locals say to you “Ay up me duck”

Twenty six years I spent living there / I would never wish to have grown up elsewhere

A little market town called Leek / You’ll find it placed not far from the Peaks

Beautiful views for miles and miles / And friendly folk with always a smile

It’s been a few years since I moved away / To pursue my career and see what may

Leamington Spa is my new home  now / A charming town, real  homely  somehow

A lovely  place to have made a new start / But Leek will remain my home in my heart” (Abbie)

“Home to me has never been one stationary place; it is everywhere I have ever travelled to, near and far, everywhere I have made brilliant memories and everywhere I have shared beautiful moments with inspiring people from all walks of life.” (Beth)

“Growing up in my childhood home.

Settling into my first student home.

Buying a home of my very own.

Creating a loving family home together.

Staying in numerous holiday homes here and abroad.

Being welcomed by family and friends in their homes.

Saying goodbye to mum in her nursing home.

So many places. So many people. So many experiences.

So many special memories to be cherished.” (Geraldine)

“Home is Scotland. The country that only has two seasons: one Monday in July and winter. The only country in the world where Coca Cola isn’t the number 1 selling drink. Where men wear kilts, lassies have ginger hair and we have a wee pal called Nessie that floats a’run Loch Ness.” (Katie)

So what does ‘home’ mean to you? Tell us in a tweet using #tedxleam what you classify as your home and why.

We’d also love you to send us a (landscape) video clip or a photo of your front door to hello@tedxleamingtonspa.com, and it might get featured in a montage at our event.