2016 Rip Up The Rule Book

2016 | Rip Up the Rule Book

2016 Speakers

Dr Angela Armstrong

How to Solve the Stress Epidemic

Providing practical tips for surviving and thriving in corporate life. Dr Angela Armstrong shares her experience of burning out, bouncing back and changing workplace culture one conversation at a time.

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Annouchka Bayley

How Artists Can Improve Educational Excellence

Annouchka has been researching, teaching and publishing on the subject of using arts-based
methods for developing teaching practice for several years now.

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Graeme Hall

Why using dog training psychology to train people makes sense

As one of Britain’s top dog trainers, Graeme – aka “The Dogfather” – has helped over 4,000 dogs and one fox. Here he reveals why his magic formula for taming even the wildest dogs can work on humans.

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Dr Itai Ivtzan

Positive mindfulness – positive transformation

So what if we befriended both psychology and spirituality? Dr Itai Ivtzan explores how integrating both into our lives can help us in our quest to become super-heroes – gaining super-strengths of awareness, courage, resilience and compassion.

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Jonathan Jardine

Using prehabilitation to prevent crime

Jonathan Jardine, Chief Executive for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, discusses how policing could legitimately and democratically use predictive analytics for prehabilitation rather than just reacting to criminal acts.

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Freddy Kelly

My bank is a robot

Financial Technology or ‘FinTech’ has attracted much media attention in recent years, yet there has been little focus on tackling the problem of financial exclusion. With almost half the world’s population online in some capacity, Freddy believes that finance should be fair and accessible to everybody – not only the educated and wealthy – and that we must consider how technology can address this issue.

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Barnaby Lashbrooke

Why following the rules isn’t always good for you

Have you ever found yourself feeling ‘stuck’ in your personal life, business or career? If so, this inspiring story by successful entrepreneur Barnaby Lashbrooke may be the inspiration you need to discover the incredible things that happen when you stop following the rules.

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Dr Gillian Mara

Success – Choice or Change?

A brutally honest depiction of a gruelling journey back from a serious spinal injury to breaking multiple world records as part of an all-female crew who rowed over 3,000nm across the North Atlantic. Professional coach, academic, engineer and published author, Gilly discusses how anyone can push beyond their limits.

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Emma McGann

Livestreaming my life

Gaining critical acclaim and the attention of Kylie Minogue and Nancy Sinatra for her earlier releases, live-streamer and independent…

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Nivi Morales

Photography from a different angle

Nivi shares a unique take on photography and how she has pushed boundaries to capture images despite facing a very particular challenge (more in the talk). Through her work and her personal experience, Nivi strives to convey how we are all able to transform personal challenges by looking at them from a different persperpective.

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Catherine Pawley

After anorexia: Life’s too short to weigh your cornflakes

Diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in early 2012, Catherine battled the illness throughout her ‘A’ levels and the first year of her degree which resulted in her taking two gap years to get specialist treatment at an inpatient Eating Disorders Unit. Catherine reveals a deeply honest account into her road to recovery, which will hopefully inspire others.

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Brendan Poynton

From fear to fairtrade music

Songwall, a “fairtrade music destination”, aims to provide a valuing and nurturing platform for artists of all genres to share their work with the world. Its creator Brendan Poynton shares his personal journey to making music accessible for all.

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Lydia Ward

Sexual abuse and rape can be the making, not the breaking of you

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a member on the Board of Trustees and an Ambassador for the charity Safeline.Org, Lydia hopes this emotional account of her personal journey can help to empower fellow survivors.

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Weight Loss Bitch

Inspiring through imperfection

Weight Loss Bitch is a feisty blogger, mind coach and social media commentator who shares her incredibly frank account…

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