2015 Courageous Creations

2015 | Courageous Creations


‘Why competition kills creativity’

Andrew Barnabas

‘How to write music for the unmusical’

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Phil Davis

‘Extreme Creativity’

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Roger Frampton

‘Why Sitting Down Destroys You’

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Natalie Griffith

‘Play’s the Thing: How Video Games Taught Me to be Brave’

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Paula Hall

‘We Need To Talk About Sex Addiction’

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Alan Heap

‘It’s engagement you fool!’

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Sean Holden

‘Artificial Intelligence & Music as a Communications Medium’

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Neil Hughes

‘A new plan for anxious feelings: escape the custard!’

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Angela Lamont

‘The unexpected (and wonderful) results of crowdfunding’

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Mary-Jess Leaverland


Henry Morshead

‘Bloodhound Supersonic Car’

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David Owen

‘Can culture help end conflict?’

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Vickie Shanks

‘Why my autistic children don’t need a “cure”‘

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Geoff Thompson

‘Conquering Fear’

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