Our 2017 theme revealed

Where the heart is?

Wherever I’m with you?

Wherever you lay your hat?

When you think of home, what comes to mind? Where you live? Where you’re from? Your family? Your community? Your spiritual home?

In our current political climate the concept of ‘home’ has never been more under scrutiny – whether that is the country of your birth, the planet we all share or the fact that so many people currently lack a place to call theirs.

We all need to belong, but that takes many forms and we’re inviting you to help us explore them all. We want to hear your thoughts around subjects such as homelessness, community, modern families, home ownership, immigration, emigration and the environment and if your home page hit a home run while you were home working, we’d like to hear from you too.

Whatever home means to you, there’s no place like it.

Speaker applicants – click here to read details on how to apply. Our deadline for applications for this year’s event is Midnight 20th July 2017.